Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is the Grand Chief trying to hide?

The Government plans to disband the parliamentary bipartisan committee investigating the anti-Asian rioting in May. It claims that the bi-partisan committee chaired by MP Jamie Maxton Graham has lost credibility.

The panel is seeking to establish what triggered the May 2009 protests and looting of shops owned and operated by Chinese in the Highlands and Port Moresby.

We know that the Government initially tried to shelve the issue by not funding the committee, however the Prime Minister was pressured to make funds available. Now we learnt that the committee would be disbanded by parliament.

Why are we NOT surprised Grand Chief! It was Somare’s government’s intention all along to hide the truth about the anti-Asian riots. We know that Somare and his government are in bed with the Asian and they will do anything to ensure that this love affair is not disrupted.

Well the fact of the matter is that, MP Jamie Maxton Graham and the bi-partisan committee have uncovered some serious issues relating to the anti-Asian riots that may bring to light things that Somare and his government do not want the people of PNG to know.

It is a shame for the government to question the credibility of the bi-partisan committee who has done a commendable job to bring to light the causes of the anti-Asian riots. What is the Grand Chief trying to hide?

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