Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"CORRUPTION" - Masterminded

Many people talk about corruption and it is a major issue for many developing countries in world. Corruption is responsible for many run down government services, cheap selling of natural resources, ineffective public service, shortage of medicine, shortage of essential school supplies, policemen on payroll of companies and the list goes on.

Often, the focus is on the problems associated with corruption and the parties involved. However, this may not be the only face of corruption, there is another face to it that plays strategically and tactically behind the seen.

I read a Book about Nelson Mandela and the struggle for Blacks to have equal voting rights as the white minority. That book opened by eyes to see the dimensions of the masterminds behind the suppression of the blacks struggle. While the African National Congress (ANC) and their leader, Nelson Mandela were involved in International lobby to force the white government to allow the blacks to have voting rights, England was pumping money into the Zulu Party to oppose the moves by ANC. Huge amounts of money were also pumped into underground killings and riots which were published in International media to discredit the ANC and lie to the world that the blacks were not ready to vote or have the country in their own hands. This was uncovered by the Truth Commission who did an inquiry into all the riots and killing in South Africa prior to blacks being granted equal voting rights as the white minority.

I believe, the various riots and crisis in Africa are manufactured by masterminds of the governments of the first worlds who do not want to see these countries have good strong stable governments who can control the vast natural resources. The political instability and in fighting in the African countries makes it easier and cheap for their resources to be exploited.

To put things into perspective, for those our us, who have not fought for our independence, our colonial masters made sure they put strategic controls in place before granting us independence. We do not have civil wars in Papua New Guinea, accept for the 9 years Bougainville crisis, however, we are rated amongst the most corrupt countries in the world. Sir Mekere once said that "Corruption has been institutionalized". The Transparency International is yet to raise issues of corruption despite of many happening in the country.

Donor agencies such as AusAid are continuing to fund land development programs despite the fact that the Department for Lands and Physical Planning is clouded with corruption with missing files, re-zoning public parks, most prime commercial lands in urban centres and cities go to Asian businesses. Interestingly the donor agencies, including AusAid, ADB, EU etc are not raising any concern about corruption in PNG. They simply brush it aside as an internal matter. Don't you care that the money you are donating is going to the dogs? For AusAid funds, don't you care that it is the Australian Tax payers money thrown into the hands of thieves?

Well if they do not care than, it sounds like the situation when ANC was struggling to get the blacks the voting rights. So someone is masterminding corruption in PNG. The corrupt the government of PNG is, the easier to control and manipulate. I believe Australia is benefiting for the corruption in PNG, because if we have a strong, vibrant non-corrupt government, with the resources we have, we can be more powerful than them and we can donate to them. Who says No?

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