Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alien Invasion

The influx of Asians into PNG has been increasing steadily for the last two years. It is very difficult and often a lengthy process to get work or entry permits, visas and residency in other countries, even in Asian countries. But that is not the case in PNG especially with Asians.

The Somare Government made it very difficult for Papua New Guineas to get or renew their Passports.
There are a lot of hassles one has to go through before obtaining one and in most cases, a document called “Certificate of Identity” is issued, instead of a real Passport. The Department dealing with the issuing of passports and entry permits is clouded with corruption as government officials are seen to proceed with processes on time if one uses the “master key”- bribe. There are agents who deal with passports, visas and permits, however, the charges are way to the roof.

Furthermore, there are number of applications for permanent residency by expats who have committed their lives in service to this country in private, public or the religious sector, but have been backlogged over the years. But that is not the case with Asians, they seem to have no problems obtaining PNG Passports, Entry Permits, etc. 

The Alien Invasion into Madang has been very phenomenal. For every single flight from Port Moresby into Madang, they (Asians) occupy 70 percent of the seats daily. No one knows whether they are coming in as workers for the Ramu Nickel Mine or the RD Tuna Cannery, or the Logging Companies or the Propose Pacific Marine Industrial Park or just aliens looking for a peaceful place to settle.  You don’t need a statistician to qualify the alien invasion. WE ARE BEING INVADED BY ALIENS and the sad thing is that, the Somare Government is seen to be facilitating that BY NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. If the Government has a different criterion for incoming Asians, we demand to know.

Those who are staying in Port Moresby can visit the Jacksons International Airport and for those who are staying in Madang can visit the Madang airport and judge for yourselves who are the human species that dominates the incoming flights.

This is not a racist propaganda, but this invasion is uncalled for. The entry permits has to be standardized and no special preferences should be given to a certain human species. It is simply biology that any invasive species that is not carefully monitored and controlled could potentially dominate and overpower the common species and take over.