Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Gift from "Santa Claus" Somare


Oh oh oh oh! It’s Christmas! Monday 23 of November 2009, Somare Government’s extravagant purchase of the Falcon 900 X aircraft cost US$40 million (K112 million) landed at the Jackson’s International Airport. Despite many opposition, the government went ahead and bought this expensive jet.

An early Christmas Gift from the public purse, this jet will service a very few privileged who sit at the top of the pyramid at the expanse of the almost 7 million people of Papua New Guinea.

The Somare Government saw itself fit to deploy such an expensive expenditure in the height of the worst state of health, education and infrastructure conditions in the country since independence.

Hospitals, clinics and aid posts in rural areas have no medicine, schools have no proper classrooms, broken desks no learning materials, poor living conditions for teachers etc. Roads and bridges, the bloodline for the movement of goods and services into rural communities have deteriorated into unimaginable standards. Yet the Somare Government saw it so wise to purchase this fancy aircraft.

No doubt, it is very clear that, Papua New Guineans, your health and your children’s health, and your children education is not important as far as the Somare Government is concerned. It does not even care about the basic infrastructures crucial for servicing rural communities. This government is "Robbing the Poor  & Serving the Rich". Is this the kind of government the people of PNG deserve?

Now it is more convenient for Somare and his boys to do business deals and agreements in the skies.

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