Friday, June 4, 2010

Raicoast don't need Ramu Nico

The newly elected Raicoast MP, Mr. Joe Gau defended fervently that, the Ramu Nickel Mine project is needed for the much needed services for his constituency. He claimed that without the mine, it will be practically impossible for him to deliver tangible services to his electorate and blames NGOs and outsiders for sabotaging the progress of the mine.  

Mr. Gau, the Raicoast people have been denied for service delivery mainly due to issues surrounding the vacancies of its national MP post due to various reasons. The last thing the people of Raicoast want to hear is their MP confused about who is responsible for service delivery and development in their electorate. Mr. Gau fails to understand that the prime objective of the Chinese Metallurgical Construction Company (CMCC) is to extract the Nickel and make profit and it is NOT their business to serve the people of Raicoast. All service and development deliveries is the responsibility of the government of which Mr. Gau is part of.    

First of all, Mr. Gau don't lie to the Raicoast people that, you need the money from the mine to deliver services and development. How will you get the money when in fact the government gave CMCC 10 years tax holiday? Mr. Gau there will not be any tax for the next 10 years, and who knows whether you will still remain in power after the 10 years lapsed.

Secondly, Mr. Gau, the political party and the government which you are a member of cannot lie to the people of Raicoast. What about the K40 million stole by senior a NA MP and minister and banked in a private bank account in Singapore? What about he K780 million stolen by lawyers, accountants, MPs and public servants unveiled by the finance inquiry? These monies should have been used for the delivery of the much needed service and development in Raicoast and other areas in PNG as well.

Thirdly, Mr. Gau, with the experiences of the mining industry in PNG with OK Tedi, Bougainville Copper, Porgera, Missima and Lihir where is the evidence of development and service delivery of these mines? There is absolutely nothing to show and don't lie to the people of Raicoast that the Ramu Nico project will deliver.

Mr Gau, Raicoast does not need the rich wealth to develop, it needs a leadership with the richness in wisdom to lead and you show that you already lack this requirement. And don't tell the people of Raicoast, they need China to develop-Raicoast does not need any CMCC or mining to develop.

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  1. so true. This is all smokescreen for "I need my fifth element" and 'stop fking with my kickback"


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