Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aiding Failure in the Pacific

The assistance from donor agencies such as AusAid, NZAid, World Bank and ADB in the Pacific Regions should be scrutinized carefully. In the name of "development" they pump in a lot of money for development programs in the region through the various island governments. They also engage consultants who develop various policies, concept papers, framework and structures for the deliveries of development activities as per the aid monies. However there is nothing much to show in reality in local communities apart from the glossy cover reports they produce with graphs and statistics that satisfy themselves. These assistances have created a cancer of dependency and countries have undermined their potentials to find their own solutions. It is evident that western or foreign solutions do not bring positive outcomes to indigenous communities.

We must question why, all the Aid pumped to countries in Africa is far from bring about real solutions. In fact poverty and problems have escalated to a higher degree, the wars, starvation, health issues, riots and the list goes on.

The various governments in the region have been receiving a lot of aid money for the development programs for various reforms, structural adjustments and governance and in fact there is little to show.

Are these donor agencies playing a strategic role in destabilizing opportunities for self-reliance in the region?
Are these donors playing an undercover role by funding development programs that are geared to fail pacific states?
Are these donors are capitalist who are in fact wolves in sheep skin?
Are these donors part of an intelligence network that promotes re-colonization?

These questions need to be asked. I do not think they are the "good Samaritan" at all. We have to be suspicious when they come in with their programs and do not jump up and down and think they are genuine.

The finance they provide for development programs are like the "bait" on the fishing line. Once you swallow the bait, you swallow the hook as well. They replicate all the fail program and projects around the world and are bring war instead of peace, disaster instead of solutions.

These Aid agencies are financing strategies, policies, structures and plans to fail Pacific states and re-colonization. Indigenous people seem to be on the losing end in most of these donor driver development programs. Pacific countries have to assess all the assistance critically before accepting it.

There are many possibilities of internal solutions to our problems than that is brought in by foreigner consultants and the bondage aid supplied by these financial donors. Look at the experience in Cuba, how they made it through the period of blockade put up by the USA. Cuba was able to develop solutions from within in challenging the once world super power, people can do it!

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