Monday, February 8, 2010

A leaked draft EU document shows that the Commission would like to rename palm oil plantations as “forest”

Stop the EU Commission from forcing biodiesel from palm oil on EU countries.
EU Commission: this is not a forest, it’s a plantation

The Commission would like to rename palm oil plantations as “forest” in order that biodiesel from palm oil plantations can still meet EU biofuels sustainability criteria.

Palm oil expansion is a major cause of tropical rainforest destruction and biodiesel from palm oil can easily cause more greenhouse gas emissions that the fossil fuel it is meant to replace.

Help stop the Commission from classifying biodiesel from palm oil as “sustainable” and ask them to ensure that unsustainable palm oil does not count towards our renewable energy obligations. (Start: 05.02.2010)


European Union's push for oil palm is a major threat to forests and indigenous lands. That means if they move ahead with their plans, more forests will be destroyed and more indigenous lands will be lost to the industry.

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